be it.

i didn't set any new year's resolutions this year.  

i was too busy thinking 'oh, holy WHOA,' at what was accomplished in just 1/3 of the year last year.  i wanted to just stay on that track, on that momentum.

i rang in the new year at home, with sean and some of our best local friends.  there was a brief pre-midnight run down the block to our small-town downtown strip of bars, where we thought we could ring in the new year a little more socially.  but mostly, we just felt really old because we didn't know all the lyrics to the katy perry songs and the same baller $14 bottle of champagne we had chilled at home was on the menu at this joint for $34.

so we walked back home.  mixed more really really good beer with more so-so champagne.  listened to led zepplin.  grateful dead.  a cuban playlist from spotify.  stayed up late, slept in long.  brunch was pizza, second sleep was glorious.

then there was some action.  i set up a whole plan for 2015.  i mean, it's only the fourth day of the year but a few big key pieces have already fallen into place, and i'm feeling super feels.  

there will be a lot of work, a lot of play, and a lot of growth this year.  there will also be a lot of just being.  letting go of a need to explain, defend, define.  what is more 'authentic' and 'pioneer' than just BEING those things?  if you are, you are.  you don't have to use words for it.  you just do it.

this might mean this blog, which i intended to be really regular and really wordy, might become even less frequent than it already is.  because i and we will be just too busy doing to talk about it.  and you'll either be with us, or doing YOUR own thing, and that's just as awesome.          

cheers, namaste, and be.


oh, also, i guess if i had to set a resolution, let it be:  next nye, we're gonna mix the really really good beers with really, really good champagne.

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