words of action framed by the colorful trunk of a rainbow eucalyptus tree found on a mountainside coffee plantation in costa rica, 2014.

i want action.

i just returned from a two-week adventure in costa rica.  one week co-hosting a yoga retreat in santa teresa, and one week of solo travel time in the central valley, which i used to explore cities and volcanoes and nature and the latin culture i so adore, and to also work (but only the good, frantic 'i'm so damn inspired right now' kind).

this trip was the final inspiration for my new venture; it was the very start of my journey into the freshly branded balance & brews:  something authentic, something unique, something new to pioneer.

i poured a lot out in central america, and as a reward returned home full of inspiration and vulnerability.  inspiration and vulnerability i now want to share every chance i can: at every b&b event, every yoga practice or class i am a part of.  

as the b&b tribe grows, i want us all to join the action and inspiration via events and also instagram, twitter, and facebook.  our social media presence is our commitment to connection.  the interweb is overflowing with inspirational quotes.  photos of pretty girls in tricky yoga poses.  things that are nice to look at but do they really ask the questions or demand the action?  

i want to always stay inspired and vulnerable and invite you to join and embody this spirit.  let's ALL ask, answer, and act.

¡salud y namaste!



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