here's the importance of doing everything with intention- on your mat, wherever you lay it down, and off  your mat:  when your intentions are in the right place, things just happen.  things like finding the opportunity to partner with people water, a cause-based business committed to alleviating the global water crisis.  

people water is on tap for purchase at my home studio, harmony yoga studios, in willoughby, and balance & brews  just introduced it at our first event at market garden brewery this past week.  

our involvement is providing you with a bottle of people water at every b&b event.  your involvement is the #dropfordrop initiative:  for every drop you drink at a practice, you can know an equal amount of clean water is going to someone without access.


yoga is important to me because it allows you to slow down, to breathe, to let go, and to just be.  and once you're there, you connect.  and you get this deep urge to want to connect everywhere, to inspire everywhere, to go everywhere, to help everywhere.  

balance & brews expands yoga out of the studio, to reach further.  our partnership with people water reaches far off the mat and out of the brewery.  their results are tangible, and your support makes a difference.

join us next for yoga, beer, and your simple but powerful contribution to this cause at butcher and the brewer on december 6.

learn more about people water's mission with their video below.  

peace and release & drop for drop,




Melissa MajorComment