An authentic connection.

Our first event was this past Saturday at Butcher and the Brewer.  It was a large labor of love to get this off the ground, and I couldn't be happier that I ACTUALLY PULLED THIS OFF.  This has been years in the making; I've taught yoga & beer workshops in a studio in the past, but studios are a controlled setting, and I always wanted to push it further and do something really unconventional.  

I'm currently very attuned to the elements, and how we connect to our surroundings, and my teaching career has been giving me a chance to explore this:  I've had the opportunity to teach on a yoga deck in the midst of an angry thunderstorm in Costa Rica, inside a music venue, on the banks of a beautiful calm river, on the shores of the Pacific, and now, in the presence of the big beautiful shiny fermentation and holding tanks of a brewery.   

It keeps you on your toes to do something out of the ordinary.  It forces you to connect wherever you are.  To connect to yourself, to everyone around you, to everything around you.  To find your balance within any element.

First group, thank you for your authentic connection.  For your connected breath, audible even over music, the hum of equipment, and the background hustle of a restaurant prepping to open for the afternoon.  Thank you for sharing your mats and towels and stories and beers and smiles with people who were strangers before that day.  Thank you to my friends and family who gave support and came to support, thank you to those who experienced their first yoga pose ever at this event.  Thank you to the Butcher and the Brewer employee who quietly snagged a few minutes of flow with us before doors opened to the public.  Thank you Shannon for offering film & edit services so we can document this day.  Thank you Chris & Jenny & Nikki for your venue and help, and thank you Eric for passionately brewing crazy yum beers and taking time to share your knowledge with us.


Melissa MajorComment