After practicing for nearly five years, Samantha realized that yoga was more than just a phase. She felt deeply connected to the practice, and knew she needed to share it. So, she made the rash and slightly irresponsible decision to purchase a one-way ticket to India to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training in holy Pushkar in 2017. She spent her time there studying under guru Swamiji Kaprii, eating her weight in chapati, and actively avoiding being pickpocketed by the local monkeys. Sam studied Raja yoga, which views yoga as a way of life - a continuous journey on and off the mat - rather than just movements and postures. She enjoys intertwining these mindful morsels and breathing techniques into her classes, ensuring the flow is accessible to every and any ability level, and encouraging yogis to honor their body, their breath, and their being.

A bunch of questions with | SAM

What is your day job? 

I'm a full-time CLE enthusiast: I'm the Development & Community Engagement Specialist at Downtown Cleveland Alliance. 

What lights you up?

Traveling! Immersing myself in new cultures and landscapes and food. 

A favorite tv show?

Parks & Rec. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. 

A favorite local spot?

At any given moment, chances are I'm somewhere in the Metroparks. Or Barrio. Yeah, probably Barrio. 

What do you love about Balance & Brews?

My favorite thing about Balance & Brews is how the nontraditional class environment creates such a welcoming, playful, no-pressure experience. I love that these events get people, especially those who may have thought yoga wasn't for them, on their mats and out of their comfort zones. Yoga studios can sometimes be intimidating for newbies, but who doesn't want to hang out in a brewery among friends? 

What's a dream vacation spot?


Hey, you got a nickname?

Sam, Smartin, Smartypants, Beyonce (okay, no one calls me that, but I'm really hoping it catches on...)

A favorite quote? 

"Courage is a love affair with the unknown." - Osho