Rachel fiercely believes in everyday magic, loving every human, and the power of intention. As a budding yogi, she finds that time on her mat brings those values together. Experiencing life with friends and cold beers elevate her mission to be more present. 

As a self-proclaimed introverted, gentle giant, Rachel can't live without laughter and a good book. From the time her grandma taught her to read, she has always found power in the written word to inspire lives and transcend physical boundaries. She abides by the saying “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Apart from practicing yoga and discovering the intricate beauty of craft beer, Rachel enjoys learning about crystals (amazonite is her favorite), cheering on her favorite soccer teams, and exploring nature trails in northeast Ohio. One day she will own a dog (perhaps a French bulldog?), but for now she's just trying to consistently water her bonsai tree.

A bunch of questions with | RACHEL

What is your day job? 

Marketing Assistant at Summit Metro Parks, Personality Guru at Unbox Akron, Creator & Chief Explorer at Summit Peeks 

What lights you up?

Hiking a trail at a local park, and making other people laugh

A favorite tv show?

Daredevil (although I don't think "favorite" is a strong enough superlative) 

A favorite local spot?

Nervous Dog Coffee Bar; Hampton Hills Metro Park

What do you love about Balance & Brews?

The classes give me 60 minutes to slow down and breathe. And a post-yoga beer with friends is nothing but a good time. 

What's a dream vacation spot?

Portland/Seattle or any MLS stadium I haven't yet visited

Hey, you got a nickname?


A favorite quote? 

The one in my bio is "A day without laughter is a day wasted," but I also love the Latin phrase "amor fati."