I began my yoga journey in 2013 with a hot yoga class at Prana Yoga and Dance. I immediately was hooked and began a weekly practice. Eventually just once a week wasn't enough for me and I began going daily. In 2016, I decided to deepen my practice and began my 200 hour yoga teacher training and got certified under my beautifully gifted mentor, Kathleen Kossman. After signing up, everything seemed to fall right into place with my schedule and finances and at that moment, I knew the training was exactly where I needed to be for the next nine months. As my training continued, my love for yoga began to deepen as I gained this new-found confidence I never thought I’d find. Through this journey I’ve discovered loving the light within myself was what I needed to forgive and find the compassion I needed to move forward in life. Since becoming certified, I’ve been overflowing the nothing but joy and excitement to share my story and love for yoga. My love for yoga shines through my practice as well as my teaching and I look forward to spreading that love to as many people as possible in hopes that my passion inspires them. My classes challenge students to find the strength and confidence within, as well as their connection to the breath that will lead them through obstacles on and off the mat.

A bunch of questions with | KALEY

What is your day job? 

Analytical Chemist at GOJO (soap factory)

What lights you up?

My cats, my nephews smile, and when someone tells me I've helped them in some way, whether it be through a random act of kindness, yoga, or my aromatherapy.

A favorite tv show?

Currently.. Girlfriends guide to divorce

A favorite local spot?

Around home, probably Johnny Js in Medina. In Cleveland, I'd say Townhall!

What do you love about Balance & Brews?

The fact that the surroundings change with every class, it's never the same spot. It helps me to be more adaptable in life.

What's a dream vacation spot?

In a tree house in the middle of the rain forest on the highest tree!

Hey, you got a nickname?

Growing up it was keekee, now a days it's kale salad.

A favorite quote? 

 "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and is rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring".