Erika started her Yoga practice over a decade ago, following a long relationship with brutal cardio routines and regimens.

Observing a noticeable deterioration in health (physical, mental, spiritual) from her old workouts and with respect to trying anything once, she walked in the doors of a local studio. It was love at first sweat. There was no turning back.

She completed her 200 Hour YTT under the direction of Diana Vitantonio 6 years ago and has been instructing in several spaces since including Harmony Studios (DTW), Yoga Roots (Cleveland Heights), Balance & Brews (CLE Breweries), The Progressive Fitness Centers, and most recently for her co-founded Elements Studio, opening in SEPTEMBER of 2018 in Chesterland, Ohio!

“Yoga has given me everything. The most valuable lessons I have learned from yoga translated off of my mat.

Patience, forgiveness, trust, acceptance, and most importantly humility. I am a complete work in progress and bow to my flaws humbly.

I may never nail a handstand, but I can be a better person…..That’s my yoga.”

As a teacher, I dig a lyrical, watery flow that supports breath and movement.

I will always find you a great acoustic remake of an R&B classic….and couple that with a memorable playlist.

I own 179 pairs of yoga pants.

I believe that each and every class should be an experience.

A bunch of questions with | Erika

What is your day job? 

I have worked for Progressive Insurance for over 15 years. Currently I am responsible for managing leadership associated with Joint Recruiting; a collaborative pilot between HR, Recruiting, and the contact center. Our objective is to centralized hiring efforts within similar job families through one interviewing funnel. Trust me, it's super exciting! 

What lights you up?

Witnessing growth. Hands down. Within my students, with my team, within myself.  Additionaly, I am a performing arts enthusist. My original undergrad focus was Musical Therapy prior to switching majors to business. To keep that flame of passion ignited for musical theatre, you will see me on local CLE stages (including the Hofbrahaus..) and offering voice/video talent to training programs and inititaitives at PGR. Yes, I sing during classes....that lights me up. 

A favorite tv show?

Hard call. I don't really watch TV. If I want to zone out completely, "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". It's a trainwreck and I love it. 

A favorite local spot?

Anywhere my friends are. Truly. The space is only as good as the people who fill it. 

What do you love about Balance & Brews?

The melting pot of backgrounds, teaching styles, yogis, and beer. Every experience is different. It's how yoga should be. 

What's a dream vacation spot?

Europe...never been. (anywhere)

Hey, you got a nickname?


A favorite quote? 

"My candle burns at both ends;

   It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—

   It gives a lovely light!" 

- Edna St. Vincent