June 21, 2019 | 6:00pm 

Whiskey Island (Wendy Park), Cleveland, Ohio

A celebration of movement and art, color and community! 

This year’s event will contribute a portion of proceeds directly to the Burning River Foundation


Chakra Pop is a mixed levels yoga experience, appropriate for all levels of practitioner. You'll explore a story of the chakras, as told through vinyasa yoga flow. 

The chakra system is a network of energy centers in the body. We'll study the seven main chakras that follow the length of your spine, from root to crown. You'll learn a little bit about each chakra as we flow...including the colors associated with each chakra, via pops of color!

Your 60 minute yoga session, led by Melissa Klimo-Major (guest teachers TBA!), will include a mix of movement and stillness, with lots of color inspiration. You'll leave with an understanding of how to relate to your own chakra system in body, mind, and spirit. 

Registration includes one chakra pop color packet for our post practice celebration of color (yes, it's going to be a legendary photo op!) plus access to our color warriors who will pop you with color before and during practice. Extra color packets will be available for purchase.

The afterparty

After Chakra Pop, we’ll be heading to the Burning River Fest to toast the start of summer and celebrate local clean water efforts. The 2019 Burning River Fest commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Cuyahoga River fire- the spark for national environmental awareness movements.

Admission to the festival benefits the Burning River Foundation, and if you purchase your ticket through us with your Chakra Pop registration, we’ll cover $5 of your BRF ticket. Select ‘+ BRF entry’ when you check out. (BRF admission is $15.)


Do I have to be 21+ for this event?

Chakra Pop is an all-ages event, however, if you purchase BRF admission and plan to drink at the festival, a valid ID will be required.

Can I purchase multiple tickets at once?

Yes- just make sure to confirm admission levels. If you purchase multiple registrations, we may contact you before the event to gather attendee names for our roster.

Is the color safe?

It’s food safe. In the quantities we’ll use for this event, it’s no different an impact than food truck crumbs. Really, really colorful food truck crumbs!

Will the color come out of clothing/yoga mats?

The colors are not permanent and not meant to stain, however if the color is heavily concentrated and you apply water (or sweat) it has the potential to stain. To remove color, simply dry brush it off.

Will the color wash off of skin/hair?

Yes- as above, keep dry and shake/brush off. Washing/repeating with soap and water will remove any remaining color.

from root to crown

chakra pop for Burning River Foundation • june 21 2019