Balance & Brews x Belgium | Bruges and Brussels 2019

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Sipping top-ranked beers with your favorite yoga community. Cycling the countryside, past Dutch-style windmills. Floating down charming canals on a private boat with your best beer yogi pals. Exploring the beer-filled market square of the capital city of Europe. Enjoying a fresh Trappist beer right outside the abbey.  

In 2018, our beer yogi holiday was absolutely magical– so we’ve decided to take you back to Belgium just one more time. Join us and follow a path of evolution as told through world-class Belgian beers- from old-world abbeys to hidden backroad pubs to the brand new craft beer scene in Brussels. 


photo, Bruges, Belgium, 2018 Balance &amp; Brews

photo, Bruges, Belgium, 2018 Balance & Brews

photo, Bruges, Belgium, 2018 Balance &amp; Brews

photo, Bruges, Belgium, 2018 Balance & Brews

3 nights in Bruges

Inside the city walls of this UNESCO city is a rich history with well-kept Gothic architecture, cobblestone streets, swan filled canals, and tiny hidden backroad beer haunts. 

You'll set up with the beer yogis at a simple but storied local traveller's inn with a popular craft beer bar- the perfect setting to share life stories and rounds of beer with locals, fellow travelers, and your own beer yogi pals. You'll even have the unique opportunity to invite those new travel friends to flow with you at one of our onsite yoga sessions! 

By day, you'll explore the town and surrounding villages by foot (or bicycle!) You'll begin learning about Belgium's rich beer history...while enjoying Belgian beers and discovering your new favorites. Get ready to soak it all in during our three night stay in this tiny little 'Venice of the North.' 

2 nights in Brussels

If Bruges is Belgium's past, Brussels is it's future. The capital city is also the seat of the European Union, creating a cityscape that is one of the most vibrant and important in all of Europe today. 

You'll enjoy two nights of 4-star hotel comfort just outside the bustling main square of Brussels. From our hotel, you'll be a lovely 10 minute walk into all the action, and minutes from multiple bus stops, giving you freedom to easily explore Brussel's diverse neighborhoods and local art scene. (Into comics? Or have a dire need to see where Audrey Hepburn grew up? You need this trip.)

Your activities in Brussels will include more yoga and beer experiences, a group visit to a Trappist brewery and bit of free time to spend the last few days of your Belgian travels to take in exactly what you need.


photo, Brussels, Belgium, 2018 Balance &amp; Brews

photo, Brussels, Belgium, 2018 Balance & Brews

photo, Westvleteren, Belgium, 2018 Balance &amp; Brews

photo, Westvleteren, Belgium, 2018 Balance & Brews

Build your own perfect holiday: it’s a sweet group package- with plenty of ‘you’ time. 

This holiday was crafted for you, with an intention that it be as accessible as possible. Europe isn't cheap, but with days of research, first-hand testimonials, a little creativity, and one successful visit under our belt, we can guarantee this trip will get you the most bang for your buck with an itinerary that is 100% beer yogi approved!

Our group itinerary will give you a great taste of Bruges and Brussels, two very different scenes. With your free time you can chill quietly under the shadow of a thirteenth century belfry- or climb the 366 stairs to the top! You can hike the path of a two-mile long underground beer tunnel, the first of its kind in the world. Or you can grab another fresh pour with one of your many new friends.

Questions? I'm always at! 

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(Do any of these sound like you? More than one? ALL OF THEM?! Then this is probably the right holiday for you!)

  • you are a beer drinking yogi (of legal US drinking age.)

  • you have a mild to moderate to off-the-charts sense of adventure.

  • you respect diversity. in fact, you crave it.

  • budget v. luxury: you can roll with both. (probably because you respect diversity so much.)

  • cultural immersion and learning about the locations you visit is important to you.

  • you want to meet new people and try new things.

  • you're open to change, compromise, and growth.

  • you like beer, french fries, waffles and/or chocolate.

  • you have a passport. and you're free this October.

Other considerations:

It’s a week of once in a lifetime opportunities: a private group canal ride through a charming European city. Crossing an international border on bicycle. Hiking the path of a two-mile long beer pipeline. Venturing into rural Belgium to find Trappist beers direct from the source. Practicing yoga in European breweries.


More about where you'll sleep

In Bruges, you'll stay in spacious and simple double or quad rooms (all single beds, bunk in quad rooms, each room with a private bathroom) at the Snuffel Traveller's Inn & Hostel, a non-profit inn and international gathering spot. We chose this setting for it's mission, it's location, it's onsite Belgian beer bar, and the opportunity it will provide to easily connect with locals and fellow world travelers. It also, literally, has some great writing on the wall- check out the photos!  

In Brussels, you'll enjoy 4-star hotel comfort at the Catalonia Grand Place. All rooms will be shared, double occupancy, with either double or two twin beds. We selected this hotel for it's location- just on the outskirts of the busy central Grand Place.



More about where you'll practice yoga

B&B founder Melissa's grounding style and ability to create safe space in unconventional places will ensure you can find your trans-Atlantic holiday yoga flow.

In Bruges, we’ll utilize a multi-purpose entertainment space at the Snuffel for morning flows. Our schedule will include 60 minute yoga blocks, dedicated to physical asana practice and silent meditation or self-study/journaling. Practices in Bruges will be Monday-Wednesday, with one additional daytime brewery yoga practice.

In Brussels, we will enjoy one daytime brewery yoga practice.

With all Balance & Brews travel, we put a heavy emphasis on being a yogi off the mat. Travel is a time when the lessons you learn on the mat can shine as you live and lead by example, with the whole world as your audience. Movement and consistency are important, but so is allowing yourself the freedom to explore that sometimes under-valued yogic life off the mat. 

In other words, if you don't want to practice asana (the poses) every or any day of your vacation...don't! Go get out and explore and grow- we fully support you. 



You work hard for your money, and you're wise about how you spend your time. We respect that. So here's the rundown of exactly what you can expect. And if you have questions at any time, email I'd be happy to schedule time to chat with you!

  • 3 nights lodging (simple hostel/traveler's inn, shared rooms with single beds, ensuite bath, wifi) in Bruges

  • 2 nights (4-star, double occupancy, shared or solo bed option, wifi) in Brussels

  • One way ground transportation (train) from Bruges to Brussels

  • Transportation to out of town group activities

  • Daily hot & cold buffet breakfasts

  • Group welcome frites and a round of beers on Sunday night

  • Group beer walks, including tastings and pours

  • Service gratuity for any planned group activities

  • Yoga and meditation practices

  • Two brewery yoga experiences, with tours & beers

  • A swag bag of B&B goodies to support your trip

  • Group leader support for travel or yoga questions/needs

  • Airfare and any ground transportation into Bruges. You can find more info on flight requirements and options below.

  • Most meals past breakfasts. We will have some mealtime surprises planned, but in such a diverse and varied culinary scene, we want you to have the freedom to seek the food experience that best suits you.

  • Personal, medical, or trip-cancellation insurance.

  • Souvenirs, purchases, hotel incidentals or extra services.

  • Sloth-sightings. I can almost guarantee you will not see a sloth in Belgium. However, I CAN almost guarantee you will see a swan.


After you secure your spot with your non-refundable deposit, we'll send you a packing list and all kinds of additional welcome information and goodness over the next few months. But one thing to think about now: really consider your experience. Think about your budget, and allow yourself to splurge on the things you value most. Maybe that splurge is chilling out, claiming extra free time during the week for yourself and your perfectly poured Belgian beers. Or maybe it’s that this is the perfect time to add on a quick weekend to another nearby European destination at the front or end of this holiday. If you're present and listen to your needs, we promise you'll walk away from this adventure understanding yourself and your place in the world a little more.

Arrival info! You'll need to arrive into Bruges on Sunday, October 6. Our retreat will start in the evening with beers and what we think might be the best street frites in all of Belgium. Full arrival specifics and directions into town will be sent in your post-deposit welcome letter.

Cleveland beer yogis, we love Cleveland Travel Network when planning travel. Consider also flying into nearby European cities (Amsterdam or Paris are great options) and connecting via rail to Belgium. General questions or concerns? Yep, you can find me at!



Who knew my husband and I would find our dream trip right here in Cleveland through Balance & Brews? We didn't have to think twice when registration went live. Our Belgium experience was outstanding! The endearing welcome we received will be always remembered. The quaintness of Bruges won our hearts. The fun of Brussels with its many breweries and fine chocolate shops exceeded our expectations.

But it was the 18 dynamic people who left the states as yoga students and came together as the Belgium Balance and Brews tour group that made the trip fantastic. We cherish our memories and look forward to making new ones with Balance and Brews in the future.

- Donna, Cleveland