balance on the road: Jackie O's retreat June 23-26

We're going to balance. We're going to play. We're going to get stronger, and more flexible. We're going to breathe, explore, learn, grow, feel, connect, sweat, laugh. We're going to be accountable, be sustainable, be present. And we're going to drink beer.

In preparation for the June retreat (only 2 months away, crazy!), I spent this weekend down in Athens visiting Jackie O's. We left on Friday, Earth Day, my birthday. We left late. Got stuck in traffic. Got to Athens late enough to miss all of Jackie O's Earth Day celebrations. Friday afternoon, they flipped the switch to 298 solar panels on their brewery. Amazing. We may have missed that party, but Saturday, after a tour of the newly expanded brewery, we didn't miss our chance to drive out and wander around their ever-evolving farm. 'Farm day' was a highlight of last year's retreat, and the farm's growth in less than a year is a bit mind-boggling. These guys truly live their sustainability. If I may say it again: it's amazing.

I give away a few secrets in the photos below: (1) check out the baby hops; can't wait to see them again in June, and (2) that wood burning stove? WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A FRESH INGREDIENT PIZZA PARTY WITH IT.

The rest of what this inspired crew is doing at the farm, the production brewery, and the brewpub will be waiting for you this June. Surround yourself with the people, places, and things that move you. Team Jackie O's + ALL of the B&B teachers + a few MORE retreat surprises I still have up my sleeves...I promise this group won't disappoint.  

Melissa MajorComment