Being a #beeryogi: Erik & Shannon Nielipinski

Featured Beer Yogis: Erik & Shannon Nielipinski

If you’ve been to a Balance & Brews class in the past few months, you’ve probably run into the dynamic duo of Erik and Shannon Nielipinski. 

Erik and Shannon were some of our first regulars. They continue to stick around after yoga to chat and share stories about breweries they have visited and their favorite local beers. Learn a little more about them below, then enjoy a pint with them after the next class. 

About Erik & Shannon’s favorite B&B event: “Our favorite Balance and Brews event, although all of them are pretty awesome, is the first time it was held at Great Lakes Brewing Company. The smell of malt filled the room, almost tantalizing the taste buds. Being able to practice in such a historical Cleveland brewery was also amazing.”

Intention that speaks to Shannon: “A favorite intention is ‘Don't sweat the small stuff’ because life is too short. I try to always be grateful and treat everyone with love and respect.”

Erik & Shannon’s favorite yoga pose: “A favorite pose for both of us is Warrior II. This pose signifies strength and power. Yoga has enabled us to build upon these qualities.”

Erik & Shannon’s ‘legend’ary yoga dream: “We would love to do yoga at the Orval Brewery in Belgium. While touring Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago, we learned the legend of Countess Matilda of Tuscany. She was a widow and lost her wedding ring in a stream. She was very distraught because of the loss of the ring from her late husband, and when she prayed for the ring’s return, a trout surfaced with the ring in its mouth. Matilda then made the funds available to build a Trappist monastery and brewery at the site. Water from the stream is still used to brew the beer and on the label of the beer there is a trout with the ring.”

The Nielipinski’s favorite breweries and brews: “[Shannon’s] favorite brewery is Market Garden Brewery and [her] favorite beer is pretty much any IPA. Erik's favorite brewery is Portside. He also enjoys a good IPA as well as a crisp Kolsch.”

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