Being a #beeryogi: Anne Fleming

Featured Beer Yogi: Anne Fleming

At every practice, we're just as inspired by you as we hope you are by the events we create. Anne Fleming was one of our first regulars, and was nominated by Melissa to kick off our beer yogi feature column, and tell her tale after a particularly memorable event at Thirsty Dog. Anne was recovering from a bad bout of vertigo, but was not going to give up this event she had been looking forward to with one of her friends. She was determined to be present for her practice, and she displayed complete honor and respect of her body as she once again used her practice to literally figure out where she was in the world around her. Here's some more about Anne - she comes to events for the connections, so look for her at an upcoming event and chat your favorites with her. 

About Anne's favorite B&B event: "My favorite Balance and Brews event was the first event at Hofbrauhaus this past winter. This was the first event that my sister was able to attend with me and we had a great time practicing in the beautiful space upstairs."

Intention that speaks to Anne: "My favorite intention is 'find balance in your life.' This has double meaning for me. I'm always trying to find the perfect balance between focusing on responsibilities and taking time to enjoy life. But I also have to work hard to find actual balance, as I have experienced vertigo on and off for the past few years. When I find my world literally spinning, I use yoga to help find my balance again and slowly but surely, I recover."

Anne's favorite place to go on her mat: "My favorite yoga pose is child's pose because it's simple and it's a place that you can always go when you need to refocus."

Anne's beer yogi wanderlust dreams: "I would love to travel to Ireland and do yoga with a freshly poured Guinness."

So what brew does Anne prefer?: "It's too hard to name a favorite brewery, especially with so many great ones right here in Cleveland. When I travel, I always try to find a local brewery to visit (and usually sneak in a yoga pose or two.) Recently I was impressed by Three Daughters Brewery in St. Petersburg, Florida and Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville, Kentucky. I collect stickers and coasters from the breweries that I visit so that I can keep track of all the great conversations and beers that I have enjoyed there."

Parting wisdom from Anne: "Being a #beeryogi is about holding boat pose for an extra 5 breaths because you know there's a delicious IPA waiting for you at the bar, but most importantly it's about not being afraid to improve yourself and reach your goals while surrounded by a community of beer loving yogis."

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