RAW Epiphanies: How Yoga and Beer Made my Dream Come True

Flowing through various yoga positions while surrounded by mile-high pallets of beer bottles stirred up an old memory. One of my childhood dreams was to be a backup dancer for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. (You remember their quirky, quintessential 90s videos, right?) I had long forgotten that goal, but something about that yoga class brought it back to mind.

As kids, we all envision ourselves growing up big and strong (thanks, broccoli!) and having the coolest jobs ever. In my adult future, I saw myself running away to join the circus, being a celebrity chef, rocketing to Jupiter and, yes, being a backup dancer. I didn’t want the full limelight. I just wanted the baggy jeans, crop top, backward baseball cap, and flannel shirt tied around my waist.

But somewhere along the way, all of that was lost in growing up. (I somehow stuck with broccoli though.) I went to college, majored in public relations, got a job with a non-profit and then got stuck. Life wasn’t working out how I wanted it to… and yet I didn’t actually know how I wanted it to work out. So I started gravitating toward what felt right and to the people that got me excited about what they were doing. That’s when I landed at Balance & Brews.

The B&B crew recently took a weekend trip to Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, NY. It was there that I realized dreams do come true. However, they might not look just as they were envisioned. There weren’t any twins at the brewery or cheesy lip-synched tunes. (Melissa always picks the BEST music for her classes.) But as I cartwheeled my arms from my mat up into a Warrior 2, I watched everyone around me do the same thing at the exact same time.

More than twenty yogis were doing a choreographed dance led by Melissa. She instructed us through a wireless mic so the sound would carry through the tall, open storage room. Alternative rock blasted through another speaker. Yoga isn’t dancing, but there is enough to compare the two that my brain instantly connected the dots.

After class, I rolled up my mat, threw on my favorite teal flannel, and joined my fellow dancers for a pint of beer.

- RAW Epiphanies is a new series of posts written by B&B Brand Warrior Rachel Ann Whinnery. Sometimes the wildest mental connections are made while enjoying a good yoga class- and then quickly forgotten after a cold brew. Here is where she tries to preserve those epiphanies so other yogis can be inspired to flow into their own realizations.