break on through: finding my yoga in a brewery


Yes, we're practicing yoga. In a brewery. And don’t tell me it’s not pure. The breath I find when my mat is unrolled on a brewery floor is just as real as the breath you find in a controlled studio space, or your own home.

The intention is just as strong, arguably stronger. When you’re out of the soft, warm, yoga space comfort zone, you’re in it. A true present moment. From teacher(s) to every single yogi in the room, we all are forced to adapt to the changing space we are in. The growth from that challenge is amazing.   

The yogis who come to these brewery practices are just as dedicated as the ones who find their practice in a controlled studio space, or with videos at home. They're brave, and they're open. 

I’ve seen it happen. I've witnessed my fairly high-strung dad learn how to be completely present with each breath, and my anxiety-ridden best friend just freaking shamelessly let go. Both had zero desire to see the inside of a yoga studio, but enough curiosity about this practice to want to know more.

Us 'beer yogis' might not appear the cultural norm for a yogi- traditional or westernized- but isn’t that the whole point? We don't have to fit in a pretty package. Our road to peace just looks a little different. And it’s fantastic.

peace, beer, namaste. - MKM