Nidra in Nature | Woodstock | Bethel, NY | September 2016

It's late December...and as I was starting to think about the road trip I'll be taking to ring in the new year, and where I should seek to record my next nidra in nature, I realized I had yet to share the last recording from September! Hashtag, end of the year bonus- 21 minutes of sweet relaxation! 

Back in September, I traveled to upstate New York for the first module of my 500 hour yoga teacher training program. Before making it to my mountain retreat center, I detoured to the original Woodstock Festival location, mostly for me and my intense love of melodies and sounds, but also with the intention of recording the second nidra in nature. The forecast for that afternoon was soggy, and this whole adventure went down under a steady light drizzle. I like to keep my nidras accessibly short & sweet, and also authentic– I write my scripts on location, combining traditional nidra scripting with mini meditations inspired by the space I'm in.   

Side note of interest: I saw my first ever bear on my drive away from Woodstock. Just lumbering across the winding mountain road I was navigating at twilight o'clock. He made me very glad I elected to record my nidra in a big open field near a public area, and not out in the remote Catskills.

And now, your bear-free nidra:

peace! – MKM

Melissa MajorComment