Being a #beeryogi: Lauren Rudman

Featured Beer Yogi: Lauren Rudman

(in the main photo, Lauren is the one standing in the back row wearing a black tank top and green hat)

Lauren loves craft beer. She recently joined the Cleveland Girls Pint Out chapter, and is part of the team revamping the group and “kicking it back into gear.” They have a few events coming up, including one in January with Balance & Brews at Goldhorn Brewery. Check out the Cleveland Girls Pint Out Facebook page for more details. 

A Balance & Brews loyal, Lauren can often be found at our events, actively chatting with her fellow beer yogis post practice.  Find out what Lauren’s favorite brew is below, then say hi to her at the next Balance & Brews class.  

About Lauren’s favorite B&B event: “My favorite B&B event was my first class, which took place at Market Garden Brewery during Engage! Cleveland's Young Professionals Week back in 2015. As a beginner yogi, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was quickly put at ease when Melissa introduced herself at the start of the class, discussed her style/yoga philosophy, and dropped beer references during class. Plus, I loved the socialization after with all the attendees while having a pint, so this was a perfect match for me!”

Intention that speaks to Lauren: “The Balance & Brews instructors do an amazing job of creating a fun and relaxed environment for us to practice and set intentions. My favorite intention is to ‘Create your Own Experience.’ We are unique — each of us comes to a class with different outlooks, expertise, and reasons why we chose to come. As a result, we are responsible for creating the experience that we have.”

Lauren’s favorite yoga pose: “Chair pose — gotta love feeling the burn! My second pick is savasana. It’s one of the few times we quiet our minds, and everything around us is quiet.”

Lauren’s ideal location for yoga + beer: Sheep Lakes in the Rocky Mountain National Park”

Lauren’s favorite brew: 3 Floyds Brewing Co.’s Backmasking, which is an oatmeal stout. I’m a stout/porter fan and this is my favorite one. Now I need to make it to Indiana to visit their brewery. …Future B&B event perhaps?!”

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