RAW Epiphanies: Lead with Your Heart

“Breathe in and lengthen.
Exhale and stretch forward, leading with your heart.”

I’ve been going to yoga classes for more than a year, so I often hear these instructions. I’m now able to breathe more deeply and stretch further. But I was recently at a class when inspiration struck. I had the raw epiphany that you should not only “lead with your heart” in yoga, but also in everything you do.  

“Breathe in”

When I start to get anxious, I need to stop. Inhale. I need to focus only on the breath filling my lungs.


Breathing deeply allows me to sit taller, stand taller, walk taller. I can create more space to challenge whatever is in my way. There’s no need to shrink.


Let it go. Clear my head. Release the tension, the anxiety. Exhale any negative thoughts and bad energies. 

“Stretch forward”

I can lean into it. I don’t have to jump right into the issue and tackle it head first. If I carefully listen to myself, I’ll know when I’ve gone too far. But I’ll always try to keep moving forward.

“Lead with your heart”

In order to stay safe, I must lead with my heart. The brain can be misleading, misinformed. The limbs can get carried away, bent out of shape.

In order to stay brave, I must lead with my heart. In this day and age it feels counterintuitive. But with so much hate and anger, leading with my heart seems like the only choice. 

Lead with your heart, on and off the mat. Namaste. 

— RAW Epiphanies is a new series of posts written by B&B Brand Warrior Rachel Ann Whinnery. Sometimes the wildest mental connections are made while enjoying a good yoga class — and then quickly forgotten after a cold brew. Here is where she tries to preserve those epiphanies so other yogis can be inspired to flow into their own realizations.

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