Become a Beer Yogi in 5 Easy Steps

by: Rachel Whinnery

Anyone can be a Beer Yogi. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried a yoga class or if you’ve been practicing in a studio for 20 years. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been drinking Bud Light since you turned 21 or if you want to learn how adding hops to the mash affects the final brew. 

Don’t fret, pals. We have five easy steps to become a beer yogi. 

Step 1: Be willing to try something new

Having a good attitude about stepping out of your comfort zone is first and foremost. Don’t stress about being new to yoga. We all had to start somewhere. If you already do yoga, don’t panic about taking your practice out of a studio. 

No matter which instructor, which brewery, or the beer you choose to enjoy after class, you’ll probably experience something new. Have an open mind and you’ll have a good time. 

Step 2: Take a Balance & Brews class

Register for a Balance & Brews class. We get out of the studio and into the brewery. Classes are all-levels vinyasa — and all fun and challenging. Find upcoming locations on our events page

Can’t make it? Follow this flow by Alyssa from a class at Market Garden Brewery in the spring.

Not in Northeast Ohio? Read the Road Trip Blog from the Beery Yogis summer tour to connect with a brewery and yoga instructors near you.  

Step 3: Relax post-class with a friend — and a beer

After class, grab a beer and a friend. Didn’t bring a friend? Introduce yourself to a fellow beer yogi. And, you can drink with us

Balance & Brews hosts yoga classes at places with beer we enjoy. So pick your go-to IPA or get crazy and choose the new barrel-aged seasonal stout. It’ll taste even better after your vinyasa flow. 

Step 4: Represent your yogi lifestyle

Best of both worlds. #beeryogi #yoga #spiritovereverything #clegram #ohiogram #om

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Now that you’re becoming a beer yogi, share your new venture. Snag a beer yogi sticker when you sign in to class. Then stick it to your computer, water bottle, notebook, or anywhere you can show it off. 

You can also showcase your new beer yogi pride wherever you go. Purchase a tank or hoodie at the next event or snag one online

And get social! Share your photos from Balance & Brew events on Instagram and Twitter with #balanceandbrews and #beeryogi

Step 5: Set your intention. Breathe.

Before class. During class. Any time you need to. Cheers! 

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