Meet our inaugural guest teacher- longtime yogi and B&B supporter Ally Grubba. Ally will be leading our class at GLBC on September 18, 2017. You can find Ally outside of the brewery teaching at Cleveland Yoga

(photo by Nathan Migal)

A bunch of questions with | ALLY

What is your day job? 

By day, I am a Field Sales Analyst for State Farm Insurance. I just recently celebrated ten years with the company, and feel fortunate for the continued fulfillment & opportunities. 

What lights you up?

  • My core values light me up:
    • Connection: with self, with others. A heart connection, below the surface, below "see" level. The messy, the joy & suffering.
    • Light: a beacon of positivity. Magnetic energy & humor.
    • Acceptance: self-love, non-judgment of self & others, acceptance of what was & what is (the present moment).
    • Fearlessness: authentically pursuing the path that is right for me. Unwavering trust in self & the universe. Believing that "what is for me shall not pass me by."

A favorite tv show?

Though I hate to admit this, I am a sucker for all things Bravo -- reality TV (though so far from real life) is my guilty pleasure.

A favorite local spot?

My favorite go-to has been Saucy! I crave the Hefe like I thirst for water and dream of the pizza like I haven't eaten for days :)

What do you love about Balance & Brews?

Balance & Brews makes yoga accessible to practitioners beyond the traditional studio space through a sense of community and connection beyond the yoga mat. And Balance & Brews is original. It was birthed from Melissa's authentic love for yoga & beer. I've had a front row seat to the creation of Balance & Brews over the past 2+ years -- I've witnessed a dream become a reality, a concept become a business, and an idea become a brand -- how freaking cool is that?!

What's a dream vacation spot?

Right now, Bali is at the top of my list!

Hey, you got a nickname?

Ally, Ally-cat, Al

A favorite quote? 

So many, but right now the one that most speaks to me is simply, "right now, it's like this..."

Experiencing the joy & freedom in creating (balance, peace, joy) vs. feeling the pressure of finding (balance, peace, joy) - we create, we don't find.